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Pic of the Day No.19


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Time for QuickStep and Lotto to get results

With the GP E3 and Gent-Wevelgem coming up this week-end it time for the big two of Belgian racing, QuickStep and Lotto, to raise their game. I have watched five Belgian races on the computer so far this year and it is hard to believe how crap they have been.

Five races make fifty top tens (check the math) and how many have the big two taken? Surely the minimum would beĀ  four in each race so that makes twenty. Hell no, would you believe just one! That’s right, one!!

Het Nieuwsblad-Nothing; Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne-Nowt; GP Le Samyn-F all; Dwars Door Vlaanderen-Zilch and Nokere Koerse, at last a result of sorts, Kenny Dehaes of Lotto was fourth. Time to earn those fat pay cheques boys, pull your collective fingers out.

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Pic of the Day No.18

As we are currently enjoying the Word Track Champs I have found an appropriate photo.

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Van Impe to help Winsor Harmon climb Ventoux

We are not talking Brad Pitt here but apparently Winsor Harmon is a star in the day time soap The Bold and the Beautiful. He is a bike fan and has decided that he wants to climb The Giant of Provence. To this end he has recruited Belgium’s last Tour de France winner Lucien Van Impe who surely knows a thing or two about climbing having won six Mountains jerseys. Winsor is going for it on the Fourth of July.

I understand the woman in black features in the TV show. I would say that of the three she is in the best shape for the climb.

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Oscar’s three rainbow jerseys

Just in case you don’t know how good Oscarito is have a look at this. For me Verona 1999 is the pick of the crop as it was a real war of attrition. I don’t recall a break, riders just went out of the back all day until about nine were left. Mainly big hitters although Oscar Freire and Chann McCrea (yes really) were both punching above their weight that day. Watch Oscar swing to the right as the string goes to the left. Sheer magic.

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Pic of the Day No.17

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Pic of the Day No.16

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