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What’s happened to Tommeke?

He just doesn’t seem to be the man he was does he. What could be the reason for his decline from amazing to merely very good? Maybe he is detracted but by what I wonder.

Things seem to be even worse than I thought. In Wednesday’s Dwars door Vlaanderen Tom was in the front group but was dropped by Sylvain Chavanel on a bridge over a motorway! He finished in the bunch ten places behind Daniel Lloyd.

Tom pull your finger out.


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Oscar Freire loses la Primavera

Dearie me, you can’t rely on anyone these days. Oscar tops the Poggio perfectly positioned in the lead group descends superbly and then contrives to lose what should have been an easy win. He did the hard bit, being there in the first place and then muffed the easy bit, out-sprinting a tester.

Not to worry as I am sure Oscar has what it takes to win the Ronde and I can’t see the Swiss strongman getting over the bergs in the front group.

An English winner in 1964


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