Melling Wheelers

Now I don’t want to big up greenjersey but it is remarkable how many hits I get about the Kirkby CC and its predecessor the Melling Wheelers.  I guess too many old cyclists are idling their time away in front of the computer instead of getting the miles in. I was sent these photos by Phil Squires who tells me he was a “social” member of the Wheelers. If you recognise any of these young scallies post a comment.

The bottom photo is of the Melling Wheelers team pursuit squad with the National champs trophy. From left we have Joe McLean, George Evans (maybe), Eddie Soens, Dave Telfer (maybe) and Charlie McCoy.


Screenshot 2017-12-16 16.05.08


  1. keith rea said

    is that “pongo waering “at the back with the glasses I was in the Melling in the late 1950s early 1960

  2. Phil Squires said

    I think you’re correct, although your spelling is a little adrift! I took the photos about mid 1956. Can we put some more names to the faces?
    Shortly after that, I moved to Wellington in Shropshire where I joined the local club, but didn’t enjoy. The following Summer, a friend and I went on a cycling tour of The West Country, during which, I was knocked off my bike by a swaying caravan. I cycled very little thereafter. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

    • Phil Fisher said

      Is that Charlie Mathews (Ken’s brother) standing on the right?

      • Becky Matthews said

        Yes, you are correct. It is Charlie Matthews, sat in front of him is Beryl Matthews.
        (These are my grandparents)

  3. Anonymous said

    The lower photo is me (Phil Fisher) and Tony Workman. Where is he now?

  4. Douglas Howell said

    Anyone remember Fred Nicklin (ex Army champ), or JOhn Geddes, Norman Shiel (who came from Liverpool Mercury for a short time.
    The club house was at the back of my girlfriend’s house in Maghull
    Hi Doug, Yes I remember Fred Nicklin riding Bootle track when I rode as a junior in 1961 or 62. He was considered ancient but was, I think, only about 35!

  5. Doug said

    I bought a decent Harry Quinn track bike off Fred for a whopping £10 in late 50s and rode it at Bootle every Wednesday (I think it was) evening.

    • Yes Doug the track league was on a Wednesday. I remember Eddie Soens pumping up the tubs of the Melling riders with a track pump. In the Southport we only had a Blumels with a flexible connector. I have tried it since and you can only get 80psi in! No wonder we struggled to compete, well that’s my excuse anyhow!

  6. Anonymous said

    I think the 10m TT from Lydiate to Bickerstaff was on a Thursday. I remember I did 27.30 on my first run.
    25s were on the East Lancs Road
    I always had a 76 (I think) fixed wheel as My pocket money didn’t stretch to derailleurs.
    Did we really rife through the Mersey Tunnel before 6am on a Sunday morning on the way to North Wales?

  7. Mark McCoy said

    My Dad is Charlie McCoy, pictured on the far right in the bottom photo of the Melling Wheelers team pursuit squad with the National champs trophy. Dad is 82 now, still living in Maghull. He is still in touch with John Geddes who lives in Southport. If anyone remembers my Dad, please get in touch. Cheers.

    • Hi Mark, I don’t know your dad but I did ride the 25 mile T T when he beat comp. record with a 55.01. I know Joe McLean (far left in photo) well as I used to meet him in South Africa. I had heard that John Geddes had moved to Southport. Normally us Sandgrounders complain about Scousers moving in but we will make an exception for Big John!

    • Dave Green said

      Remember your Dad well mark from Bootle track days, and all night parties in social season. A great track and Time Trial rider, a hero of mine being 4 years younger. Got some pics from Bill Soens of 1958
      Melling Wheelers 4000 mtrs team pursuit team. I recall your dad working for Manweb as electrician. My best friend was John Plumbley in the photo. I rode Bootle track and Followfield on Eddie Soens Bikes.
      Cheers David Green now a Multi Kite Flyer.

  8. David Green said

    Bootle Track ,Yes Fred Nicklen sprinter, Stu Slack, Gordon Ashton, John Ryan, Derick Beasley, John Kennedy, Eric Hunter, Paddy Boyd, Tommy and Eddy Richards, John Plumbley, Brian Richards, Dave Telfer, Bernie Mcguines, Pete Cubbon, George Evans, Bert Rice and Tom Greep Ginger Hewitt ( (officials ) and many many more, I won the Danish Classic there in 1957 beating all the star riders, I will tell you how if you want to

    • Wasn’t Stu Slack from the IOM? That’s a long way to come on a Wednesday night!

      • David Green said

        Yes a Manx man, not sure if he was based on Merseyside , a big lad with his own style like no other.

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