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Philbrook for Sale

ImageAlthough few things in life are certain I believe I can say with certainty that I shall never again ride a time trial. I am therefore selling my 1982 frame You can read about it on Ebay. Enter

Philbrook hand built steel frame        into the Search box. 

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Bill Philbrook built for other dealers

A recent comment on my Bill Philbrook page refers to Bill’s link to Youngs, Grandini and Meridian. I cannot help  Simon Murray with his enquiry about Meridian transfers etc but I did find the advert below in the July 1961 issue of Sporting Cyclist. I have never before seen an advertisment mentioning Philbrook and it is surely no coincidence that Meridian Cycles are also featured.

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Bill Philbrook


It is my intention to write a tribute to Bill Philbrook who was, in my opinion, a frame builder of unmatched ability. Perhaps more importantly he was a really interesting and nice man. Unfortunately I am struggling to obtain hard facts about his career. I know he worked for Claud Butler and Gillotts and when I first met him in 1978 he had a business in Arden Street, Gillingham, Kent. He was a club cyclist and I believe he had raced in his youth.

I have three of Bill’s frames and the photos of the seat lug are from a 1978 road frame. The lug started as a Prugnat long point before Bill reduced it to next to nothing. I don’t expect that the lug adds anything to the structural integrity of the frame, that came from the perfect mitreing and brazing.

I came across these photos on a Lambretta owners’ forum. Many thanks to whoever posted them.  What a trip down memory lane. Does anybody know who the young guy is? Could it be Jeff Lyon I wonder.

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