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Ken’s Torch Bearers

linford.jpg The Mayor of London nominated four torch bearers for the Olympic torch relay on 6th April. They are Linford Christie (doper), Dame Kelly Holmes, (you remember her, she refused to act as starter for the London Marathon as the organisation would not meet her demand for a fee of £5000 to come from her home in Kent), Sir Trevor McDonald (he reads stuff on the tele) and Amara Khan (no idea). Now I have been trying to figure out what it is that the Gang of Four share that would make Red Ken think they were appropriate nominations but for the life of me I can’t. Can you?

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Lose that lard

Research by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center indicates that in a flat time trial losing 3kg off the body will save twice the time saved by losing 3kg off the bike. My first thought is how the hell do they know that? Were they the same cyclists? By the time the subjects had trained off 3kg of fat they would be much fitter so of course they would go faster.

More American research shows that varying crank length between 120mm and 220mm made no difference to performance in maximal sprint power tests . Can that be true? Who knows!

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Dutch Never Happy

Dutch Rail wants to promote the use of cycles, hoping to increase the number of bike journeys made to and from stations to one million by 2010.  At present almost 50% of passengers arrive at their local railway station on a bike but only 10% cycle the last leg of their journey.  The plan is to expand the number of bike hire outlets at railway stations from 120 now to 200, says Dutch Rail.

Can you believe it, half of Dutch train users cycle to the railway station and now they are under pressure to cycle the last leg to the office as well! I say give those cloggies a break, they are already doing more than their share to save the planet.

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