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Prizes for All?

In 2012 the VTTA introduced revised Standard tables as they, quite rightly, believed that the original tables gave an unfair advantage to the pensioners among their ranks. I recall that I calculated that if a sixty year old beat Comp. Record for a 25 mile TT he still wouldn’t have the record “Plus”, which must be wrong.

Not surprisingly the new scheme wasn’t popular with the old boys and as a sop to them a new Performance Award has been introduced.  VTTA official Bill Lloyd (Southport CC) has provided a guide to the new awards that I think I understand.  If a sixty five year old rode a 25 mile TT in three hours ten minutes he would then add 40 seconds to that time to produce his target time for the coming season and if he then beat 3hr.10min.40sec. he can receive a performance award medal!

Does that make any kind of sense? No matter how useless you are so long as you don’t get even more crap by more than forty seconds a year you can leave a bunch of medals to your descendants who may even treasure them in the mistaken believe that you were a half decent cyclist. Some years ago I was a member of a famous club with an illustrious past and a very mediocre present. At the club dinner I was presented with an armful of trophies that I politely accepted but declined to take home. Why? Because my wife and children know how good a cyclist I am  and they would know that if I had won the trophies they must be worthless. At least to win those trophies I had to ride less slowly than a few other guys unlike under Bill Lloyd’s new scheme where all you have to do is finish before the time keeper goes home!

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