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No Tour ride for Wegelius

After reading the news that Charly Wegelius has not got a ride in the Tour I spotted his recent tweet.

Sun, 21 Jun 2009 19:18:40
wegelius:  Twitter people are so helpful. Can I line you all up to push me on mnt ventoux?

So last Sunday Charly was thinking of climbing Ventoux at the end of the Tour, he must be as sick as a parrot. He seemed to finish the Giro in good health and this week he was still training hard so it seems that Silence-Lotto made a major mistake in signing Charly. After all if you don’t want him as a stage race domestique he shouldn’t be on the team because that is what he does. A winless career speaks for itself.

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greenjersey joins London to Paris peloton

This morning I was cycling near Leatherhead on the way to Brighton when a motor cyclist pulled alongside and told me that there were three hundred cyclists coming up behind! When he then stopped the traffic on a roundabout and waved me through I realised that something was happening and a moment later the front end of a very big bunch came past.

The riders had frame and body numbers but I knew it wasn’t a race, after all I had tucked in without much trouble. We cruised along the A24 at 23mph for a few miles and just when I was dreaming of beating my record for the Harrow to Brighton trip they turned east on the A25 leaving me to return to my usual 16mph plod.

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I won’t be spending my oap on a light bike

carbon bike

When I am tempted to spend my recently awarded old age pension on a super new bike I take a look at this photo and the feeling goes away!

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Patrick Lefevere ready for “Total War”

boonen06 greenjersey photo

Quick- Step manager Patrick Lefevere wants answers. Can Tom ride the Tour or not? He said today that if he does not receive the right answer by wednesday from ASO it will be time for plan B, total war.

Lefevere is already talking about recovering through the courts the millions that he claims Boonen’s absence from the Tour de France would cost him and his sponsors. Surely ASO is backing a loser here? I can’t see what their beef is. If Tommeke rocks up at his local bar and has fifteen Stellas that’s OK but if he has five Stellas and a couple of lines of coke he can’t ride the Tour. What is that all about? ASO and the UCI have their hands full fighting performance enhancing drugs in cycling. Fans are grown up enough to see that there is no connection between recreational drug use and cheating with EPO etc. and it is time that those in charge got the message.

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Victoria Pendleton signs up for Green Britain Day

victoria pendleton green dress

Today’s Daily Telegraph sensibly made no attempt to cover the story, which brings together climate change the 2012 Olympics and Lord Coe, an unholy trinity if ever I saw one. Instead like greenjersey the DT was happy to splash another photo of the divine spurter and ignore the eco worrier dribblings.

The highlight of Green Britain Day will, apparently, be a concert at the Eden Centre, Cornwall by the Modfather Paul Weller. Surely only a date with destiny at the Tour de France will prevent Weller lookalike Bradley Wiggins from attending the gig. By the way last night I nodded off at midnight while watching a BBC4 documentary about Weller but not before noting the uncanny physical resemblance to Wiggins. Spooky that both have earned their living in Jams (only older six Day fans will get the “joke”)!

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McEwen backs down and signs anti-doping clause

robbie-mcewen training

A photo showing the neat blockwork in Robbie’s garage

You couldn’t make it up. McEwen refused to sign a new anti-doping clause in his contract with Katusha because “he had been tested hundreds of times”. Where have we heard that old bull dust before? Naturally the Aussie head banger was 100% behind his teams fight against doping but he was concerned about the proposed penalty of five years gross salary for a positive test. As you would be.

The battling Aussie has now abandoned his principled stance and signed on the dotted line. Gert Steegmans still refuses to sign and team manager Andrie Tchmil has questioned if the big sprinter has something to hide.                                                                      Team mate Antonio Colom, who you will recall had a great early season, was caught for EPO use in an out of competion test on 2nd April. He was targeted primarily because of a dodgy biological passport. The Spanish federation is now on his case and awaiting the result of the second test. As he had not signed the revised contract he will hang on to his dosh.

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Boonen’s “holiday” ends tomorrow


greenjersey photo

Tom Boonen returns to competition tomorrow at Gullegem, West Flanders. It is the 65th edition of the event and it has attracted a large contingent from both Quick.Step and Silence-Lotto together with all the other Belgian teams.

With eighteen laps of a 9.5km circuit it should a nice work out for Tom before the more searching test of next week’s Dauphine Libere. The event starts at 2.00pm.

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