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Mrs Evans tweets about her “hubbie”

Chiara Passerina, also known as Mrs Cadel Evans, provided fans with live commentary of her husband’s triumph in Tirreno-Adriatico via Twitter.

Chiara was 0vercome when Cadel was on the podium. YEEEEEEAAAAAHHH !!!!’, followed by’ O.M.G. They have just brought out the trophy? ,that  thing should stand in our living room?”.

Even funnier is when Chiara Evans referred to her “Hubbie” – Come, interview my boy! He is soooo cute when he speaks Italian:  “Do not get too close, ladies’, she said about the podium girls.

When hubby was  interviewed she tweeted “He’s a cute little puppy ‘,’ Now they are talking about boring things like the Tour, etc etc” and so on.

Chiara was unafraid to comment about other riders  “Scarponi really has a big nose,” “They are now showing Pinotti. His shorts are a bit too white. White is not good for TV, you look bigger. (not sure what she was referring to there).

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Met a guy in the pub who wants to go training

He said he was thinking of making a come back and wanted to go for a few steady rides to get back in to shape. I am up for it as I think I will have the upper hand on the climbs, for the first few weeks at least.

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Ride with Eddy

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Omloop het Nieuwsblad 2011

Omloop het Nieuwsblad 2011.

Tommeke! Tommeke! Roll on De Ronde

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50th Eddie Soens handicap

Saturday will see the 50th Eddie Soens handicap race at Aintree. The list of winners is a who’s who of North West cycling although Stanmore’s own Tony Gibb shares the record of four wins with doug Dailey.

I have tried to recall why I didn’t ride despite the early editions coinciding with my best years (a relative term!). The reason is that Bill Bradley never raced in March and that meant that hard rider training bashes continued until Bill started racing in April. Myself and the rest of the troops spent March bashing ourselves silly on long hard rides to get Bill fit. If this sounds like a complaint it is not meant to, I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

The Soens must be the only classic race to have been won by a husband and wife couple. In 1978 Terry Dolan, Liverpool Mercury, triumphed and in 1991 Mrs Terry Dolan (Julie Hill as she then was) won.

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