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Beyond parody

A scene from the recent Braveheart Fund dinner!

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luncheon with Jean Bobet

Today greenjersey attended the Pedal Club luncheon at the RAF club, Picadilly. The guest speaker was Jean Bobet whose articles in Sporting Cyclist a young greenjersey would read avidly. Jean had studied for an English degree at Aberdeen university and as he may well have been the only educated English speaker in the Pro peleton at that time Jock Wadley signed him up to write for his mag.

Unfortunately it would seem that in the intervening fifty plus years Jean had no reason to practice english and he is now far from fluent so the question and answer session was not as illuminating as it could have been. That said M. Bobet was in great nick for his age. His memoirs have just been published in English and Mick Clark had arranged for Jean to sign copies in the adjacent pub. Greenjersey asked Jean which Monument he considered to be the best test of all round ability and he said Liege-Bastoigne-Liege. It is slightly sad that Jean Bobet, himself a winner of Paris-Nice, is only remembered as the bookish brother of Louison.

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Terry Dolan supports schoolies

I came across this photo of the prizewinners at the Southport schoolpersons races. How do you like those prizes donated by Terry Dolan? Although Terry is Liverpool Mercury to the core he has for many years been a friend of the Southport club and his generosity is extraordinary. How times change, greenjersey remembers winning a box of Brillo pads in a circuit race on Morcambe promenade!

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