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Pride of Britain

 A cool looking Cav with Peta Todd at the Pride of Britain awards

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Oscar says send slackers home

Ever since his amazing first rainbow jersey at Verona I have been a big fan of Oscar Freire. What’s more he often seems to talk sense so when he  recently suggested that there should be no reinstatement of  riders eliminated from the TDF  I took notice.

Freire was asked about Cavendish’s green jersey at the Tour de France despite finishing outside the time limit on consecutive days in the Alps. The size of the laughing group  meant that Cavendish and the other riders involved were not eliminated from the race, but were punished by being docked 20 points from their tallies in the points classification on each occasion. Freire believes that the rules need to be revisited.

As for the green jersey, there are rules that say that when a lot of riders finish outside the time limit, they are allowed back in,” Freire noted. “Those are the rules, but it seems wrong to me that those outside the time limit are allowed back in. It’s sometimes happened that riders who finish hors delai win the following the day. If you’re sick or you fall, they don’t let you back in, but if you finish in a group, they do. It’s not good, I don’t understand it. They should change the rule.”

Well said Oscar. From memory I think that one day there were seventy riders in Cav’s group of slackers, which is a joke. Of course the organisers wouldn’t want to send that many home but if the riders knew that the rule would be enforced regardless there would be far fewer taking a “rest day”  Perhaps they could try a “no reprieve in the last week” rule to see how that works.

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John Degenkolb wins G.P Frankfurt

I have always had a soft spot for the Frankfurt Grand Prix (Henninger Turn) if only because it has been in cycling for about as long as I have. another reason is that, so I was told, the race featured in the World Cup just once in 1995 because the organiser wouldn’t move to a Sunday from his 1st May date. As the World Cup was a major curse on the sport that has to be a good thing.

Back in the sixties and seventies the winners could, in the main, have graced any of The Monuments but latterly things have gone downhill. This year the winner, from a bunch sprint, was John Degenkolb of HTC who it must be admitted has passed under the greenjersey radar. Cav, with race number 13, unsurprisingly failed to finish.

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