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Is anything made to last?

Fortunately today’s budget seems to have been reasonably kind to me as I have incurred further expense. While out riding in West Sussex I heard a cracking noise from the bike but didn’t think much of it. On getting home I was shocked to see that my Shimano XTR rear hub flange has broken and the wheel is a scrapper.

I can’t recall when I bought the hub but I do know that I used the wheel on my Roberts in P-B-P 2003 so it has had a fair bit of use. But XTR is top mountain bike stuff so surely it should be up to the job. After all the bearings and freehub are perfect. I have ordered a pair of Shimano factory wheels from Ribble for ¬£90 and I am expecting them to see me out. Sixteen spokes in the front wheel is heady stuff¬† so I should be able to find the holy grail of a 16mph average.

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Cav asked to show more respect, as if..

The start of today’s stage was delayed for two minutes by a rider protest against Cav’s “lack of respect for the peloton.” In the first photo you can see Oscar controlling a hairy back wheel skid in masterly fashion.

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Cav and Haussler are both guilty

They both cut up Ciolek and then Haussler’s wheel goes into Cav’s

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