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LeMonster in 1978

LeMonster in 1978

Great photo of Greg Lemond stirring things up at a California race in 1978. Thankyou to Fred whose Facebook page I nicked it from.


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BLRC London Section championship 1951?

BLRC London Section championship 1951?

Not a good ride by Bracky who was half an hour down. I think it is 1951 as that seems to be the only year that the Dayton team was run. Not many names I know although I am fairly sure Alan Lancaster ran a pub near Burnham Beeches.

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West London RC 50 mile TT 3 June 1956

West London RC 50 mile TT 3 June 1956

A win for Bracky in The Race of Truth on the Amersham Road. While a 2hr 9min time wouldn’t worry Ray Booty it is a fair ride on that course. Note when the course details read ” through Missenden” etc. that is what is meant. No by pass in those days. The organiser is nameless which is just as well as he has omitted the important words “Private and Confidential”! If he is identified he could, even now, be looking at a hefty suspension, possibly even Sine Die.

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