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Duffer’s foot in mouth

During today’s coverage by Eurosport of the Tour of Poland the co-commentator referred to the profile of tomorrow’s stage containing a “chink” presumably meaning it isn’t pan flat. Duffield responsed “what part of China does he come from”- Honestly I’m not making it up. That man needs to be put down.

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cycling4all, no longer

Over the last few months it has become increasingly apparent that Wim van Rossum the owner of the cycling4all website has had his fill of pro cycling. He was bitterly opposed to the Pro Tour and indeed the UCI but it has been the recent doping scandals that has caused Wim to close his site.

It will, I am sure, be greatly missed by the many readers (over twelve million hits) who found it to be refreshingly frank and forthright. For myself I particularly enjoyed the All Time rankings supplied by a Polish contributor if only because it so closely matched my own, entirely subjective, opinion.

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