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Pruitt changes Turkey into Pedaleur de Charme

greenjersey is often amazed by the wonders of modern coaching and he was impressed by the video at                                  
I think we can safely assume that the minor positional adjustments wouldn’t make much difference so it must be the shoe inserts that turned the lurcher into a thoroughbred. Is it for real? Fortunately as a naturally  smooth pedaller, OK not in the Stephen Roche class but pretty neat, greenjersey has no need of this black magic but you guys less naturally endowed with style should take a look.

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Museeuw given time- Belgian government to resign?


The Belgian government to go over Lion of Flanders “injustice”?

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme has offered the resignation of his government. The news has been confirmed by the Flemish public broadcaster. Earlier Justice Minister Jo Vandeurzen announced his resignation. Quite right to. Where is Johan going to find 2500 euro to pay that punitive fine?

No doubt Robert Peston and his media cronies will link this to the banking crisis, possibly something to do with Fortis bank, but greenjersey knows better. This crisis in the Justice Department, that has now spread to the entire government, must surely be linked to the protracted vendetta against Museeuw.

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End of the road for Kirkby Cycling Club

lyonfrankFrank Lyon who turned pro because he couldn’t make the Kirkby first team. (Frank says that he received an offer that he couldn’t refuse)

greenjersey wouldn’t normally credit Scousers with sensitivity but credit where due they waited until Ken Matthews died before announcing the end of his club.

It is difficult now, after years of decline, to appreciate just how good the Kirkby was. OK they attracted riders from other clubs but so far as I can recall they were all locals. Before they became the Kirkby they were the Melling Wheelers with riders like Joe Maclean and Charlie McCoy who rode the Rome Olympics.

greenjersey hopes to avoid seeing the past through rose-tinted specs but I doubt if we will ever again see such a concentration of talent as there was on Merseyside in the sixties and seventies. One time greenjersey rode an Harry Quinn criterium at Bickerstaffe on a Thursday evening, just a local training race. he was fourteenth and the thirteen in front of him were all current International riders, and some behind as well.

greenjersey isn’t sure the Kirkby CC will be missed, truth be told they were never that popular, but the club certainly deserves to be remembered.


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