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British Airways asks Wiggins to turn left

The former World’s favourite airline can still get something right. BA declined to upgrade Boris Johnson, not that I have anything against the Turk but he is, after all, merely a politician while moving Bradley Wiggins into First class. I suppose he would struggle to get those long legs into an Economy seat. Well done BA.

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A rational Olympic medal table

There seem to be two accepted methods of ranking Olympic success. One is to count the Golds and the other way to to count the medal total. Both methods are unsatisfactory, what we need is a Third Way known as the greentable that gives three points for a gold, two for a silver and one for a bronze. The final table is as follows.

China 213 points

USA 212 points

Russia 132 points

UK of GB & NI 98 points

Australia 89 points

Germany 83 points

South Korea 67 points

France 65 points

You know it makes sense.

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A tribute to Isaac Galvez

As I keenly anticipate the Olympic Madison I remember the late Isaac Galvez who lost his life while riding in the Gent Six-Day race. Who can doubt, given the superb form of Joan Llaneras in the Points race, that if the Spaniards were still together they would give Brad and Cav a real race. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on.

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