Cookson takes a pay cut.

No need to worry though as he is unlikely to starve. It has been revealed that Brian Cookson the new head of the UCI will be paid a salary of £235,000 p.a. Apparently this is £75,000 less than former boss Pat McQuaid “earned”. I was going to say that perhaps this kind of money is justifiable given the expense of living in Switzerland but really it is an outrage. No doubt the UCI will have an expenses scheme that makes the MPs perks seem penny pinching and hopefully Cookson will, in time, provide details of this.

But what to do about it? If you don’t like Starbucks’ tax arrangements you can always patronise Costa but what can a cyclist do? Stop watching UCI sanctioned races?  take up rugby? I can’t with hold funds from BC as I am a life member and they already have all they will ever get from me as I no longer race.

What possible justification can the UCI have for this excess? Big business say they have to pay inflated salaries to “attract the best”. I know Brian Cookson quite well from my days in Lancashire and I am certain he would do the job for a fraction of the salary he will receive. In fact I suspect he would be happy to pay the UCI a modest sum to have this job.

Oh well it’s not my money so why should I care? Just another thing, how much pension is McQuaid getting? Now there is a thought to make you weep!

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