Sixty years on.

Coppi Worlds 53Somebody asked me if Dave Bedwell finished the 1953 Worlds so I turned up this result sheet. What struck me apart from the good men in the top ten was the distance and time. Compare with today’s race at Florence, 272km in 7hr 25min.  As the Lugano result is loaded with Gen. Class. men I must assume it was a tough course. Are you as surprised as me that today’s super heroes can’t go any faster than those old plodders on their 22lb bikes and wearing baggy wool jerseys.

World Championship 1953

30th August 1953
Location: Lugano Distance: 270km

1. Fausto Coppi (ITA)

2. Germain Derijcke (BEL) +6:22
3. Stan Ockers (BEL) +7:33
4. Michele Gismondi (ITA) +7:34
5. Nino Defilippis (ITA) +9:11
6. Charly Gaul (LUX) +9:12
7. Ferdi Kübler (SUI) +12:57
8. Louison Bobet (FRA)
9. Raphaël Géminiani (FRA)
10. Marcel Ernzer (LUX)
11. Martin van Geneugden (BEL) at

12. Pasquale Fornara (ITA)
13. Wout Wagtmans (NED) same

14. Ludwig Hörmann (GER) +14:38
15. Antonin Rolland (FRA) same time
16. Thijs Roks (NED) +14:44
17. André Darrigade (FRA) +19:39
18. Brik Schotte (BEL) same time
19. Andres Trobat (ESP) same time
20. Gerrit Voorting (NED) +19:47
21. Valentin Petry (GER) +27:13
22. Francisco Massip (ESP)
23. Bernardo Ruiz (ESP)
24. Jesus Loroño (ESP) at same time
25. Adolphe Deledda (FRA)
26. Vincenzo Rossello (ITA)
27. David Bedwell (GBR) +28:55
– 70 starters finishers 27

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