Strudwick Cycles, Oxford Street, Brighton

A friend sent me this photo copy of Strudwicks 1950 price list, presumably because I lived at Brighton for ten years. In fact I was just round the corner from the shop. Note the justification for a large frame, saving in weight -eh?, Greater rigidity and more lively. I don’t think so Mr Strudwick. Large frames, the norm in the fifties and sixties, was a fashion and a daft one at that.









  1. […] ostentatious display of the careful brazing of the frame. A 1950s Strudwick catalogue can be seen here on the eclectic Green Jersey blog, a home to often inspiring accounts of 1950s bike racing and […]

  2. Pat said

    Strudwicks Cycles is still in business in the same tiny Oxford street premises. I bought some bits I needed for a 1930s bike restoration this weekend and standing in the shop was a 1950s Strudwick with the fancy lugwork shown in the catalogue. Thanks for posting the catalogue.

    • Graham Russell said


      I own a Strudwick bike which belonged to my late great uncle. I need good quality pictures of an original bike and especially the decals. Once I have these I will be able to have the frame painted in its original mustard yellow.

      Any help with photos would be much appreciated.

      Many thanks

      Graham R

      • Anonymous said

        It was a while ago that I was in there last. The shop is still there, jammed with old bikes. I would drop in and see him, . The opening hours can be a bit erratic, so it might be worth giving him a ring if you are making a long trip. They used to build the frames in the flat upstairs.

  3. Anonymous said

    I too own a Strudwick bike, the Oxford Superb model. It is in its original (1961/62) specification, if not condition. I am its third owner. It has never left East Sussex & now resides in my collection, here in Brighton. please get in touch for photographs of the decals.

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