McQuaid goes mad

Just before he loses his post Pat has committed one last act of lunacy. He has decided that the women should be chasing the same prize money as the men at the Worlds. He said  “This is a simple, but very important step in our pursuit of a healthy and fair future of our sport,” No it’s not the decision that is simple Pat, it is you.

Just on distance ridden there are no grounds for equal pay but there is more than that. I have attended the Worlds since 1965 although I can’t recall when there was first a women’s race, maybe in the seventies. There just isn’t the same level of competition and intensity and public interest is a fraction of that for the pro race. What do the U23s win? Surely not less than the women and surely not the same as the Pros.  The problem is that Brian Cookson, who is deeply immersed in the local government P C culture, is likely to support Pat’s decision. 


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