Tom Boonen The best Classics rider ever?

                                                                                                                                              That nonsense is taken from the cover of the May issue of Cycle Sport recently donated by a friend. Surely The Daftest Headline Ever? Now I am a big fan of Tommeke and he is, without doubt, an all-time great over the cobbled roads of Flanders and Le Nord and that is, in my view, the best of bike racing but it is only a small part.

greenjersey photo (taken on the Thursday prior to Paris-Roubaix when Quick Step were training on the course).


Boonen’s supremacy is such a ludicrous idea that I am unwilling to put much effort into disproving the fallacy by turning up the records so I will just mention a few names starting with, unsurprisingly, Eddy Merck. By my reckoning Boonen has won seven classics (all monuments) which just happens to be the number of times Eddy won Milan-San Remo!

Then we have Rik Van Looy who won every Classic, most more than once plus two World pro road titles unlike Tom who is stuck on one.

Then we have Roger De Vlaeminck with eleven classic wins. Who can doubt that The Gypsy was a better man for the Classics than Tom? Roger may be the typical Flandrian but that didn’t stop him winning at San Remo, Liege and Lombardy.

Some may include Kelly in this list of Boonen beaters but not me. I have a simple rule for Classics men, No Tour of Flanders, No good!

So there we are, five minutes thought and Boonen isn’t even on the podium in Belgium!

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  1. Wislon said

    You are hard man Mr G but facts speak volumes..

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