Oscar, say it ain’t so.

Following the long awaited confession of Boogerd to ten years of doping at Rabobank the great Oscar Freire must be now in the frame.  If Oscar’s three rainbow jerseys are shown to be stained that will be the end for me as a fan. I was roadside for all three wins and his first win at Verona was perhaps the best moment of my time as a fan. As the group swung to the left and Oscar opened a gap on the right all the Italians walked out of the bar! By the time Oscar crossed the line we had the tele to ourselves!

I am still clinging to the hope that Oscar was so good at what he did best he didn’t need to dope. Popping up in Flanders in early March and in October for the Worlds with plenty of rest for his dodgy back during the remainder of the season maybe allowed him to win clean. Let’s hope so.


  1. Peter Bedingfield said

    The dopers are culprits it’s true, but in another way they are victims too, victims of an all pervading culture that studiously ignored the problem or quietly nurtured it. I too was shattered when my hero (Simpson) proved tainted, but what lead him into that? And was it imperative to dope if you wanted to be in contention at the highest level? Probably felt so. So now the riders are carrying the can when responsibility lies throughout. Hard to eradicate when yesteryear ‘s stars are today’s directeurs carrying on the old “traditions”. LA’s transgression was bullying arrogance as much as anything but who lead him down the bad road in the first place? Let’s hope Sky can help close the book on all this and we can start believing again. But don’t doubt Oscar’s achievements however won, they were won in the context of the day. I hope too he was clean, that would make him even greater in my eyes.

  2. Wislon said

    I was reading about the PDM boys (pills drugs and medicine) and it seems they led the way in transfusions. In 99 Kelly joined them, recall how the entire team had bad guts when they all “ate bad fish” during the tour!

    In Willy Voet’s book he tells how Kelly got done for the wrong drug when he used a bulb filled with team car driver’s piss. The driver had been on speed to stay awake whereas Kelly had been on ephedrine for “sinus trouble”

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