Oliver Zaugg shows how it should be done

Oliver who? I watched Lombardy on Gazzetta TV and when he attacked the commentator shouted ” Fuglsang” so I was not alone in not recognising the Swiss. But what a great move, it should be in the racers’ manual.

Clearly Nibali had lost the plot. When he attacked 55km from the line Gilbert was perfectly positioned to follow but thought better of it. Quite right too. What to say about the attackers on the last climb? I think stupid twats covers it. Sky’s Lovkvist immediately hit the front at a steady pace on a big ring climb. Well obviously he is keeping it together for a team mate, but there was no other Sky rider in the group. When Lovkvist had shagged himself  Basso took over at the same fast but steady pace. Just like Lovkvist he didn’t get a gap of a metre. Dan Martin was well positioned but when Zaugg attacked as the road kicked up he couldn’t follow. Nevertheless he was clearly the best of the rest and he must surely win a classic.

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