Cracknell/Walters crack on End to End

James Cracknell and Jerone Walters have abandoned their record attempt just  68 miles from the finish when their task looked hopeless. They had less than four hours to cover the remaining miles if they were to beat the record of Swinden and Withers set in 1966.

Whatever the reason for their failure it wasn’t the amazing Dolan tandem which had every possible aerodynamic aid. This is an ideal opportunity to mention two of my cycling heroes Albert Crimes and John Arnold who set the tandem trike record of fifty two hours in 1954. It would take a book to list the reasons why they should have been days slower than our modern superstars but consider just the drag from two 40 spoke back wheels compared with one super fast disc wheel. Or thick wool jerseys complete with gaping front pockets compared with slick skinsuits. Oh and don’t forget the extra thirty miles on the 1954 route.  And finally when our two heroes from the NW of England reached John O Groats on their tandem trike they turned round and headed off in to a stiff wind to knock out another 130 miles to set a 1000 miles record of 62 hours! And all on a diet of dripping butties.

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  1. john mc ateer said

    love the quote re end to end record,old versus new . put all plastic bikes in a big plastic dustbin. metal frames rule. up the league,!!!!

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