Send Ricco to the moon!

It is difficult to find anything encouraging in the Ricco affair but the reaction of other riders provides a glimmer of hope. This is what they had to say;

Colleagues condemn Ricco on Twitter

  • Manuel Quinziato: “Goodbye Riccardo! We will not miss it!”
  • Paul Martens: “This confirms my view: once a cheater, always a cheater. The penalties for doping should be heavier.”

  • Greg Henderson: “Caught, Ricco. We will miss you. Like a hole in our heads.”

Cancellara: “They should send him to the moon”

Also in the Tour of Qatar nobody condones the conduct of Riccardo Ricco.


Ricco’s compatriots Giovanni Visconti and Filippo Pozzato agree: “The damage causes to cycling by Ricco is huge.”

“Everything has its limits. It is clear that Ricco has far exceeded that,” says Visconti too.

Eddy Merckx heaved a deep sigh and Leif Hoste says he was not surprised. “I just hope that the public can distinguish between an exceptional case and the majority that it is playing fair.”

Valerio Piva, team manager at HTC, also responded. “Ricco is a sick man. He does not deserve another chance anymore.”

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  1. ohmannuel said

    I started watching the TDF when he got caught. The worst part was seeing Valverde blow up trying to chase him up then not having legs for most of the race after that.

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