Brits Mould and Yates on podium at Gent


The Swiss pair Claudio Imhof and Silvan Dullier today at Gent won the  Memorial Noël Fore, better known as the Six Day of the Future.

They finished on 121 points with the Australians Carver and Law on  101  points on  the same  lap in second place. The British team of  Jonathan Mould and Simon Yates were in third place a lap down with 66 points to complete the podium.

Final Standings
1. Claudio Imhof / Silvan Dullier (Swi) 121 points
2. Alex Carver / Jackson Law (Aus) 101
3. Jonathan Mould / Simon Yates (GBr) 66
At 1 lap
4. Sebastian Lander / Christian Kreutzfeldt (Den) 49
At 5 laps
5. Daniel Mclay / Owain Doull (GBr) 15
At 6 laps
6. Jochen Deweer / Brian Lignel (Bel) 37
At 7 laps
7. Giovanni Longo / Boni Fazio Niccolo (Ita) 22
On 9 laps
8. Didier Caspers / Bart Harmsen (Ned) 7
At 21 laps

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