Mallorca musings

Not exactly a holiday and certainly not a training camp, nor an end to my season as I don’t compete, my week long break was nothing more than an attempt to top up my vitamin D levels before winter. As so often is the case with club cyclists we also topped up our alcohol levels.

To be honest the cycling wasn’t that great. Two days cut short by rain and a third a complete wash out. On the best day of the week I had two punctures in the first few miles and skulked back to the hotel in a sulk. To make matters worse Paul Mayor, our ride co-ordinator, was sadly unable to join the trip resulting in some aimless bumbling about and no “classic” rides ticked off.

I thought the hotel was everything you could expect at the price, OK it wasn’t an experience in fine dining but nobody went hungry.  Most drinking was done in a bar twenty five yards from the hotel although we seemed to be incapable of walking through the hotel bar without stopping for one last bevy.

Somewhere near Sineu

Ramona, the ever cheerful waitress at the local bar.

John “Tam” Barton paying for yet more drinks.

Ken Beck rained off at Petra

One last drink in the hotel bar.

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