Championship commentary confusion

So nearly a world champion again.

On Sunday I awoke at 4:30am to watch the BBC’s broadcast of the pro road race on “the red button” (God knows what that means or how it works) with Porter and Chris Boardman commentating. It was a fantastic race which made their job easier but it was a major blunder that they both missed Philippe Gilbert being caught 3km from the line. Porter was bitterly complaining that the camera wasn’t on Gilbert long after he was caught.

I then watched the race for a second time on Eurosport with Harman and Kelly. As always Yer Man was good but he did make a major blunder. He said more than once that the peloton could allow the early break to gain half an hour and still reel them in before the finish. Wrong Sean. If the break had reached the circuit with that kind of lead they would have been more than a lap up. With the break tucked in the bunch how exactly would the “chasers” got that lap back? The new world champion would be the Ukrainian Kvachuk who was the strongest of the break.

I am told by my race adviser Ken Beck that at the point the bunch reached the circuit they were just 45 seconds in front of the leaders finishing their first lap. I don’t think the UCI will risk adopting the same format again.


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