Better late than never?

Following my recent crash it crossed my mind that I should, maybe, buy a crash hat. A couple of days ago I watched the YouTube video of Jens Voight’s stack up in the 2009 TDF when he smacked his head and face into the tarmac. This convinced me that I should splash out and it was my good fortune that yesterday Lidl were selling helmets.

Nine quid the poorer I am now the proud  owner of the helmet shown and would you believe it has a LED light fixed to the back. Well not exactly fixed, I suspect that the first time I ride over a bump the light will fall off but at that price I’m not complaining. Of course I will need to have another crash to discover if buying Lidl’s finest was a false economy but I can live (hopefully) with that.

pretty smart eh?


  1. Mark said

    Why were you a non wearer? I wear mine religiously but exclude minor trips to the shops so the question is not judgemental.
    Old habits die hard I suppose.

  2. Anonymous said

    About time you wore a helmet and wow what a bargain at lidl, might even pop along myself for 1 as a spare helmet. What’s the fit like? As a helmet virgin I am not best qualified to comment on fit but it seems good to me. You turn a “knob” at the back to adjust the straps. My only reservation is that the system doesn’t seem that robust.

  3. Oh my god what a bargain — I saw you wearing that the other day and I wouldn’t have guessed it was from LidL.
    That is indeed a bargain and with the extra bonus of a light as well ?

    Money well spent I say specially as Winter looms up on us and the roads get more slippery.

    Lets hope you never fall off again to find out if the Lidl helmet saves your life. — Mind you having a light on your helmet is a great idea, and that too might increase your safety.

    It really does amaze me that people still go out on their bikes without a helmet.
    I am guilty of not wearing one when I pop down the shops just like Mark, but regard the helmet as part of my cycling equipment when going out for long training rides.

    Everybody though should have the freedom to either wear a helmet on not wear a helmet.

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