Ross Wheelers

I was taking a bus ride in Bournemouth when I noticed that the guy sitting next to me had the book In search of Robert Millar in his bag. We got talking and he said that as a young man he lived in Northolt and was a member of the Ross Wheelers.

I said that as a young cyclist in the late fifties I had read, in Cycling & Mopeds, of a good tester John Finch who was a member of the Ross Wheelers. My new acquaintance said he was his older brother! Remarkably despite being able to recall something I read over fifty years ago I can’t remember my fellow passenger’s christian name but it may have been David!


  1. Well we do live in a wonderful but small cycling world don’t.

    Most of us are aware of the six degrees of separation but I think green Jersey must be the hub of that six degrees, and if you know Green Jersey you now know every one in less than six degrees of separation.

    Then again if it wasn’t for Robert Millar you would have had a quite bus trip.

  2. brian lawrence said

    Interresting I was a member of The Ross Wheelers based in Sandycombe road Richmond on Thames And had many a training ride with both Johhny and his younger brother Dave also Mike and Ted Shea Good old days !!!

    • Angela Shea said

      Hello I’m Ted Shea’s daughter and Mike Shea’s niece. Unfortunately Dad died in 2009 but Mike is living in Farnborough. I remember the Ross Wheelers well, presenting bouquets to the President’s wife at the annual dinner and dance and marshalling/timekeeping at races.

    • Robert Ballard said

      Hi i used to ride with the Ross Wheelers back in the 60s with Mike Shea and John Finch and Brian Lawrence interesting to hear about Mike and John the Roads where a bit safer then I am still living in Richmond surrey

    • Robert Ballard said

      Hi Brian BoB Ballard hear still ,alive and kicking living up Queens Road Richmond still putting in few miles to a few years ago hope all well with you

      • Anonymous said

        Good morning Robert
        Amazing powers of the internet
        Great to hear from you I and my family are all well currently living back in the U.K. after many years in France
        Let’s be sure to keep in touch do you have an email address

        Best regards Brian

      • Robert Ballard said

        Hi Brian great to hear from you my email is i am still in Richmond all the best robert

  3. Angela Shea said

    Yes John Finch’s older brother is Dave, he lives on the IOW. John was dad’s (Ted Shea) tandem partner and now lives in Dorset with his wife Mary. They’ve recently returned from living in USA for about 30 years.

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