Museeuw’s leg is suddenly hot news

who says they never come back? Johan wins Paris-Roubaix in 2000

So how spooky is that? Yesterday I crashed and injured my leg and in reporting this crucial moment in cycling history I mentioned that my thoughts had been about the Lion of Flander’s terrible injury in 1998. Today I learn that Rapha have made a film about the very incident. No, not my crash on the club ride, Johan’s tragedy in Arenberg.

Johan Museeuw will soon be a star of the silver screen. In a short film called “A Throw of the Dice” British director Nick Livesey  tells the story surrounding the fall of the world champion in Paris-Roubaix 1998.

Livesey was commissioned by Rapha Racing Ltd the manufacturer of pricy cycling clothing with strong retro touch.  The great man himself explains “The story behind my rosary that I had in his pocket that day, the fall itself, the fracture of my patella in four places, the complications afterwards with threatening gangrene. Everything is covered. “One week last year in utter secrecy we filmed in the Forest of Wallers/Arenberg. It must have cost a lot of money.”  Worth every penny I am sure.

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