greenjersey explores new depths of stupidity

Dearie me, today I managed to bugger up a really pleasant club ride. As we left the tea stop we had to cross the busy A27 where the last three, including me, were delayed by the traffic. We pressed on to catch up and as we              re- grouped there was a general slowing  just as I was checking that I had activated my heart rate monitor. I looked up in time to see the back of the group six inches in front.

I smashed in to the last rider and we both hit the tarmac. Firstly I have to say that he took it very well with no sign of entirely justifiable road rage. He had plenty of grazing and although at first sight I seemed to have got off lightly  fifteen minutes later I had a swelling the size of half a grapefruit on my shin bone.

Brighton A & E soon had me X rayed and the nurse showed me that no bones were broken. she even pointed out some minor calcification in my leg arteries which she said was “normal” for a gentleman of my age. She told me that I have damaged a blood vessel in the leg and my lower limb will soon be purple. She said I must watch out for infection, which isn’t unusual, and ever since I cannot stop thinking of Johan Museeuw’s terrible crash in the forest of Arenberg.

So there you have it. This wasn’t the usual crash where “somebody brought me off”, it was 100% my fault. The nurse said not to ride the bike for a week but at the moment I wouldn’t care if I never saw a bike again.


  1. Get well soon Green Jersey……. and get on the bike as soon as possible.

    Accidents happen remember it can always be worse…..:-0)
    The important thing is …. is the bike ok ?

  2. Wislon said

    What is involved in reactivating an HRM ?
    You would think not very much but as I can’t see detail without my reading glasses it was a time consuming operation.

  3. Mark said

    Hope you make a speedy recovery, who did you collide with?
    My recovery isn’t as speedy as I hoped, I have an appointment this afternoon for a DVT check. Maybe I banged my head but I can’t recall the name of my victim but I do know he works for the prison service.

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