Lemond to tell what he knows to Feds.

Lemond and Armstrong in happier times

Three-time TDF winner Greg Lemond has been served with a grand jury subpoena as the US federal government continues its probe into alleged doping conspiracies on Armstrong’s teams the New York Daily News reports.

The subpoena, demanding documents and testimony from LeMond, was issued by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court of Central California where prosecutors have been building a criminal case based on evidence collected by F.D.A. criminal investigator Jeff Novitzky, who in 2003 uncovered the BALCO doping ring.

Among the materials the subpoena orders LeMond to produce are any that are related to U.S. Postal, Discovery, Astana and Radio Shack.  LeMond is also ordered to produce materials related to the Trek Bicycle company, a sponsor of Armstrong’s teams that has come under federal scrutiny.

The letter orders LeMond to appear at a federal courthouse in Los Angeles on July 30 to answer questions from a grand jury which meets in secrecy. Witnesses must testify under oath and may not be accompanied inside the room by an lawyer.

Armstrong’s people did not immediately respond to requests by the NY newspaper for comment about the LeMond subpoena. Armstrong  continues to deny allegations of doping most recently following accusations by his former teammate Floyd Landis.  Trek spokesman Bill Mashek told the N.Y. Daily News that the company is “fully cooperating with the government’s request.”

Like others in cycling who have voiced suspicions about Armstrong and his entourage, LeMond and his wife, Kathy  have long felt marginalized and mistreated by Armstrong’s supporters. They applauded the subpoena. “We are overjoyed,” said Kathy LeMond. “I hope the truth will come out.” All this is good stuff but it is difficult to see what Lemond can know about Armstrong’s “preparation” other than hearsay. He may have some knowledge about Trek as they made Greg Lemond bikes and after a big falling out with Trek over Greg’s concerns about Armstrong’s alleged doping he will, no doubt, be happy to put the boot in.

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  1. Craig said

    This is going to be one hell of an interesting time. However, that said, not sure if I want to see the final outcome of it…?

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