greenjersey sits on fence in Renshaw affair

Apparently it is thirteen years since a rider was disqualified from The Tour and I guess that must have been the Tom Steels “bottle throwing” affair. So clearly it takes a serious infringement to earn a red card. Certainly putting Farrar in to the barrier was naughty, but hardly exceptional if sprinting for the win but it could start a very nasty trend if lead out men started pushing and shoving while going backwards through the sprinting field.

The problem is that if Renshaw is not DQed he has, in effect, got away with his indiscretion. The usual penalty of relegating him to last in the bunch would be a joke. After all he would still be placed in front of Armstrong on the day! Presumably a fine would be paid by the team and I have no idea what sum would constitute a deterrent but I guess 10,000 euros might hurt, but not much.

I suppose if Renshaw deserves a serious sanction, and I can’t decide if he does, the only possible punishment is to send him home.

Is it an Aussie thing?


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  1. LeGimpe said

    I just glad those Aussies finally found something to do with their heads!

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