Cancellara is a Clown

Without doubt it was a smart move by Cancellara to use the authority of the yellow jersey to engineer a slowing of the front group to allow the Schlecks to rejoin. Then he lost the plot completely. There was abolutely no reason not to race once the Schlecks were safely back in the peloton. ITV4 showed an hurried post race interview where the big Swiss “explained” his reasons for the Go Slow. It would be overly kind to describe what he said as rambling nonsense, it didn’t make any kind of sense and because I was at a loss to understand what point he was trying to make I cannot offer an explanation.

One thing is for sure, if I was Thor Hushovd I would be really pissed off. Cav was dropped fair and square before the crash and if there had been a race and a sprint Hushovd would have got a bunch of points over Cav. I guess Oscar was still there although I didn’t spot him.

One more thing, how many times can Sherwen say “the front end of the main field” in a two hour broadcast? I reckon he used the phrase more than fifty times today.



  1. Wislon said

    I gave up on Sherwen & Liggett years ago. I could not stand Liggets continual reference to the “Tour De Fraaaaaance”. He is the new Duffield.

    I watched the prologue on some Spanish Internet TV channel. It was fantastic, although I could not comprehend any of it the passion and the enthusiam of the 2 commentators was truly a joy to listen to.
    Yes, Liggett’s southern A sound gets on my wick as well. Isn’t he from Birkenhead?

    • Wislon said

      Yes I believe he is so its even more infuriating

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