Is anything made to last?

Fortunately today’s budget seems to have been reasonably kind to me as I have incurred further expense. While out riding in West Sussex I heard a cracking noise from the bike but didn’t think much of it. On getting home I was shocked to see that my Shimano XTR rear hub flange has broken and the wheel is a scrapper.

I can’t recall when I bought the hub but I do know that I used the wheel on my Roberts in P-B-P 2003 so it has had a fair bit of use. But XTR is top mountain bike stuff so surely it should be up to the job. After all the bearings and freehub are perfect. I have ordered a pair of Shimano factory wheels from Ribble for £90 and I am expecting them to see me out. Sixteen spokes in the front wheel is heady stuff  so I should be able to find the holy grail of a 16mph average.



  1. Dianne Moyes said

    I’ve been worrying about my Ambrosio rims (16000 miles) so rang Roberts. They suggested Mavic Open Pro rims then I can keep my Campag hubs or a new set of wheels. They could supply Novatech with Hope hubs £240 for touring. £90 sounds a cheap pair of wheels to me.

    hi Dianne, good to hear from you. My Shimano RS10 wheels seem great for the money and on my “racing” bike they look neat. With just 16 straight pull spokes at the front and 20 at the back they could look kinda out of place on your Roberts sports tourer. But come to think of it they aren’t an option for you as I know you are a Campy girl. If you have a wheelbuilder locally that you trust and your hub bearings still feel smooth (just turn the spindles with your fingers, you will feel any roughness) and there are no nasty noises from your freehub I would go for new rims. Mavic Open pro are fine if perhaps a little narrow for touring tyres but I have used the with 25mm tyres.
    But firstly stop worrying and check out your rims. Then may have an indicator in the side wall that shows when they need renewing. If not can you feel a ridge where the brake blocks dont touch the rim? Modern rim walls tend to be about 1mm to 1,5mm thick so it is your call how much of a ridge you can live (or die, ha ha) with but as I understand you climb and descend Whinlatter every morning before breakfast best to err on the side of caution.

    • Dianne Moyes said

      Thanks for the advice. A friend had a look and he thought they felt alright but the bike shop man thought I needed a new back rim though not urgent. As we are off to France on Sunday (after a weekend baby sitting in Twickenham) the bike will have to do. Will watch the stage into Mende, on the col before the descent into Mende (16th July), then will be in Luz St Sauveur for the Tourmalet . I agree with your comments on Cancellera’s control of the race, they should have contested the sprint. How exciting was the stage to Arenberg ?

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