A bunch of twiddlers

There is no doubt that Monte Zoncolon is a seriously tough climb but even so I am surprised how low they now go.

Wiggins    (osymetric rings)                       38 x 28      36 inches

Sky (on round chainrings)                             36 x 28      34 inches

Evans                                                                   34 x 27     34 inches

Basso                                                                    36 x 29      33 inches

Astana   (53 – 34 rings x 11-28)                  34 x 28     32 inches

Compare with:

Coppi                                                                     47 x 24    52 inches

Merckx                                                                  42 x 25    45 inches



  1. Wislon said

    Several reasons spring to mind – Big Ted would only have had 5 sprockets with a 13 top. The jump to get to 28 teeth from probably a 22 would have been too big plus it would only leave him with 3 usable sprockets for the flat. All riders faced the same issue so they were all on a level playing field. I’m also not sure Regina who made the sprockets made a 28 but im sure someone will correct me. The smallest front ring you could get for a campag chainset was 42 based on the 5 bolt pitch circle diameter so they could not gear lower this way. The only option therefore was to struggle. I await Greenjerseys comment moderation..
    Perhaps Wislon can tell us what bottom gear he had for the Fred Karno challenge round the Lakes. I believe it went over Hardknott which I suspect is steeper than anything in the Giro.

    • Wislon said

      Wislon hit Hardknott after 100 miles. My bottom gear was 39 x 28. The gear size was fine but the legs were not. Approaching the final hairpin cramp ensued from groin to toe in my right leg – climb over
      So, in short Wislon, you walked? So if the gear of 39 x 28 was fine on a 1 in 3 climb for an aging amateur why are pros using 34 x 28?
      BTW in Eddy’s day you could buy a Record triple so he could have gone lower but could you imagine the great man with a granny ring!

      • Wislon said

        Hardknott is short compared to Zoncolan etc. When its 10k long then I guess you go for the 34 ring. Also, I was not racing Just riding as slow as possible just to get up (which I didn’t manage)

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