Patrick Levevere hopes bike doping rumour isn’t true

QuickStep boss Patrick Levevere hasn’t dismissed the bike doping allegations out of hand. He spoke of Cancellara’s time at Mapei saying that he knows the Swiss has a big engine but an electric motor would give a super-engine.

QuickStep mechanic  Jean-Marc Vandenberghe says he has tested the system on a mountain bike and the results are impressive, indeed he has been in touch with the makers Gruber to ask if it can be installed in a road bike. He has sent them a frame and expects to see the results shortly.  He added “Okay, it makes a humming sound, but that is drowned out by cheers. I think you can use it unnoticed. Beware, I am not saying that Cancellara did, that would be a bit silly of us. But I do give the story the benefit of the doubt. ”

The clowns at the UCI say it would be impossible to check 200 bikes before the start of a Classic. True but you could check the bikes of the three riders on the podium!


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