Cancellara on doped bike; Is it a joke?

Davide Cassani, Italian ex pro, who you will remember blew the whistle on The Chicken after spotting him training in Italy when he claimed to be in Mexico has come up with an even more bizarre story. He has suggested in a YouTube video that Cancellara had an motor in his bike for de Ronde and Paris-Roubaix!!!

The motor, he claims, is in the seat tube and turns the bottom bracket axle when a button on the bars is operated. Now we have all said, I am sure, that Cancellara looks as if he is on a motor bike, I know I did when he surged away from the group in P-R but could it be true? Surely it is a joke, do they have an All Fools Day in Italy and if so is it 30th May?

I don’t want to write anything that makes me seem a gullible clown but didn’t you think it was weird, in fact unbelievable, when the big Swiss zoomed away from Boonen on the Muur at Gerardsbergen IN THE SADDLE?


  1. Your not Gullible its true see here

    They are going to have to bring back bike checking at cycle races 🙂

  2. no I am only joking Cancellara doesn’t need to cheat with his bike his body is twice as strong as anybody elses in the peloton at least for the Early season classics.

  3. Jeff said

    Wow, I just read about this? I am shocked if it is true. What is there to gain by cheating in this way? Inside you know you didn’t do it honestly so it means nothing. Shame if it’s true and surely bikes of all competitors should be checked in such competitions? It would be very easy with a simple X-ray or something???


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