More about Floyd Landis

I swear by almighty…the whole truth and nothing but the truth

I have just ploughed through the many e mails between Landis, Armstrong and various others and it was heavy going so I won’t inflict them on you. One thing’s for sure Armstrong is talking bollocks in claiming that Landis was attempting blackmail. There is nothing to support this allegation.

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  1. How can you tell the difference between a drug cheating cyclist and a honest non drug taking cyclist lets compare Landis and Evans Landis seems such a nice guy i find it so hard to believe he’s a cheat.

    One person who can’t be a cheat is Cadel Evans here is a guy that is hard as nails who although good as a bike rider Green Jersey reports that he has only WON a sole one day race in his pro career. Mind you at least that was the World Championships drug free! and at least we have had the chance to see Cadel win and be more aggressive in his riding rather than his interviews lately. it’s nice seeing him win something I mean he looks so miserable when he talks to the press anybody would think he didn’t like the press asking him questions.

    I say well done Cadel may the curse of the rainbow jersey be a just a load of made up mumbo jobo .
    And good luck Floyd with your new book “WHY i LIED”

    Now then
    beware of the slap of Evans

    beware of the head butt of Evans


    Well at least he isn’t as uppity as Lance in this moment and look what he’s saying about Floyd ok this is out of context but.

    I won’t forgive Lance saying that he thinks that people should be allowed to return to the sport after having as he says their hands in the cookie JAR

    Like you Rocket I instinctively believe that Cadel is clean and I want it to be true. BTW he has now added Fleche-Wallone to his palmares. In fact this is getting spooky as Armstrong won the Worlds and then F-W. Is this a bad omen?

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