Grand Prix Raymond Impanis

I was checking out Ray Impanis as I understand that he has the record for Paris-Roubaix finishes (sixteen). Since last Sunday he has been sharing the record with Servais Knaven. Both riders won the race on one occasion.

There is a race in honour of Impanis and between 1982 and 1994  it was contested by pros. As you can see it was mainly a Flemish/Dutch benefit but remarkably of the thirteen events three were won by Aussies which is a great strike rate when you consider that a Frenchman has never stood on the podium.

Impanis is now aged 84 and still riding his bike.

G.P. Raymond Impanis – Pros.
1982 1. Willem Peeters 2. Guido Van Sweevelt 3. Aad Van Den Hoek (Nl)
1983 1. Ludo Peeters 2. Henri Manders (Nl) 3. Piet Versluys
1984 1. Ad Wijnants (Nl) 2. Teun Van Vliet (Nl) 3. Etienne De Wilde
1985 1. Jelle Nijdam (Nl) 2. Jef Lieckens 3. Dirk Demol
1986 1. Alan Peiper (Aus) 2. Willem Wijnant 3. Yves Godimus
1987 1. Paul Haghedooren 2. Ludo Giesberts 3. Geert Vandewalle
1988 1. Steph. Hodge (Aus) 2. Johan Museeuw 3. Stefan Räkers (Nl)
1989 1. Eric Vanderaerden 2. Etienne De Wilde
3. Carlo Bomans
1990 1. Wiebren Veenstra (Nl) 2. Uwe Raab (Dui) 3. Steve Bauer (Can)
1991 1. Wiebren Veenstra (Nl) 2. Johan Capiot 3. Michel Cornelisse (Nl)
1992 1. Louis Dekoning (Nl) 2. Herman Frison 3. Danny Van Looy
1993 1. Phil Anderson Aus 2. V. Ekimov (Rus) 3. Rob Harmeling (Nl)
1994 1. Carlo Bomans 2. Johan Museeuw 3. Adri Van der Poel (Nl)

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