Pic of the Day No.20



  1. smedis said

    I think the leading rider is Ron Loveday (compare with Pic 1 Ron Jowers’ friends – zoom to check out). His jersey looks like a maillot jaune but is prob. the jersey of Castile R.C. (a BLRC club) whose colours were predominately yellow with a light blue band. Ron was an amateur, not an ‘independent’ (semi-professional) and among his wins was Stage 5 Nottingham-Bradford in the 1950 Brighton-Glasgow. This was a good win as among the other stage winners were the Frejus independents Lander and Bedwell and Ken Russell who won the 1952 Tour of Britain.

  2. Ron Loveday said

    WOW fancy, after all these years FAME !!
    You are quite right it was not a Yellow Jersey but my club (Castile R.C.) colours. The jersey had been used and washed so many times that most of the colours had been washed away.
    Who, I wonder remembers the HAPPY DAYS of the ” LEAGUE” ?
    How we were hated mostly by RTTC and by the NCU.
    But what great races we had then
    The Brighton Glasgow, The Tour of the East Midlands, The Dover to London, The Tour of the Chilterns, and of course THE TOUR OF BRITAIN !!!!
    Hi Ron, Glad you found my blog. I have been very slack recently but I think the start of the TdF could give me renewed inspiration. The other comment isn’t mine, I think it is from the guy who provided the photos. He is in the pic on your left (in photo). all this is before my time, I started in 1958.

  3. smedis said

    Another picture of Ron can be seen on
    in the 1947 (!) Brighton to Glasgow.
    Other Castile members were Gerry Lang (mostly remembered as an official) and Ron Wright (friend of Ron Cooper the frame builder featured in Rouleur), a very promsing rider who probably gave up racing before his full potential was realised.
    Smedis did not supply the pictures but only commented on this and other historical images from the League times.

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