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Grabovskyy blames drink problem on easy life as a pro

It is time I got my clogs on. After watching Dmytro Grabovskyy win the under 23 World Championship at Madrid I wrote that if he doesn’t go all the way I am a Dutchman. After two seasons with QuickStep  and 2009 with ISD the Ukrainian has yet to win a race.

In an interview with an Italian newspaper the resident of Tuscany has blamed his problems on a battle with the bottle. He says that an an amateur in The Ukraine he trained three times a day and, not surprisingly, he was too tired to socialise. As a pro he trained in the morning, went to the beach in the afternoon and partied at night. He insists that he stuck to wine or beer and kept off the vodka. This strategy was hardly successful as in 2009 he was twice found in an alcholic coma!

Grabo is now training hard with Popovych and Grivko and does six hours most days. Since he started training for 2010 he has done 3000km. Lets hope that this talented rider can get the results he deserves.

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Sean Kelly

Ronse 1988. greenjersey photo                                                                                                                                                         While waiting for the weather to warm up a bit this morning before venturing out on the bike I watched the Sean Kelly story video. There is no doubt that Yer Man is a cycling great although I wasn’t much of a fan myself. I thought he was overly cautious and as a sprinter he was a freezer. Great at winning bunch sprints in the Tour if there was a break but not much kop sprinting for the win.

I was, however, certain that he had his feet on the ground until Liggett asked him where he would place himself in cycling’s hall of fame. To my amazement Kelly responded that it was difficult to compare him with Merckx because he is from a different era!! No it isn’t you twat it is because like every other cyclist who has ever lived you are not fit to be compared with the great man.

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