Cav wins again

You may recall when Peter Crouch was asked what he would be if not a Premier League footballer he replied “A virgin.”

Now I am not putting Cav in the same boat as Crouchy but, let’s face it, if he was still a Douglas bank clerk it is unlikely that he would have pulled the stunning Fiorella Migliore. The Paraguayan beauty was Miss Italia nel Mondo in 2008 and I feel I must congratulate the judges, and indeed the Manx Rocket on their superb taste.

I understand that entrants must be of Italian descent but not resident in Italy. There are more rules than Cycling Time Trials have but I think the ones relevant to Cav are:-

be of irreproachable conduct and not ever having been implicated in the events or acts offensive to the common morality;
never having posed nude or poses otherwise inappropriate;
have never participated, or even appearing as extras in films, performances, shows in general, pornographic.

How about that? the lucky Manx spurter has got himself a girlfriend that come with a guarantee of good behaviour. Not many can say that in modern Britain!


  1. Ricardo said

    He may be a winner in. Love but do you think he can win the green jersey at this years tour de france. Even with the aid of multi green jersey winner erik zabel.

  2. ….Super taste in totty indeed.

    But what about Cav’s taste in mentor’s AKA Mr Erik Zabel(who admitted taking performance enhancing drugs, after he had retired from the peleton).

    Considering the slating from Cav here of Ricco recently………

    Mark Cavendish blasted the imminent return of Riccardo Riccò and said George Hincapie’s move to BMC was a “massive loss” as the British ace confronts the 2010 season replete with new goals and challenges.

    The HTC-Columbia sprinter called Riccò a “parasite” and said the unrepentant Italian doesn’t deserve a warm welcome from the cycling community.

    “He’s like a parasite coming back. It’s not just the fact of what he’s done, because everyone can make mistakes, it’s that he’s not even sorry about,” Cavendish said. “It’s the lack of regret for all the damage that he’s done, that’s what upsets me.”
    Taken from:

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