Strange but true (possibly)

As it is not fit to ride a bike I have been wasting even more time at the computer and in particular the Amstel Gold race of 1968. First the facts; the winner was Harrie Steevens from Roger Rosiers with multi monument winner Jo De Roo fourth.

What follows may be true if I interpreted the mangled Google translation of an old article correctly. In the bunch that day in 1968 were Henk Nijdam, Eddy Museeuw and Johnny Schleck  fathers of Jelle, Johan and Frank all three winners of the Amstel Gold race. Spooky eh?


  1. Ricardo Horsham said

    Was the race won by a sprint or solo attack off the front of a small group?
    …..Who fathered Andy Schleck then ? ;0)

    What in particular raised your curosity for the ’68 race….surely you are not that old and remember reading the race results in Cycling Weekly ?
    There was a break of about ten and the first two got a gap on the last climb and held on to win by ten yards! Amstel Gold was first held in 1966 and, of couse, it was just another race to begin with. They must have had to pay riders to start as the former organiser has said that at first he could not afford Eddy Merckx.
    The first race I can recall is the 1958 Worlds at Reims won by Ercole Baldini and I still have the copy of Cycling!

    • Wislon said

      I seem to recall Baldini rode the fastest last lap of the whole race – which was the last lap all on his own? what was he on? must have been better than EPO.
      Almost correct Wislon, pretty impressive as I suspect you weren’t born in 1958. It was three laps from the finish (150 miles completed) that Ercole cleared off from the rest of the break and knocked out the fastest lap. Impressive stuff. No EPO in those days but Baldini suffered more accusations of doping than most. I guess because he had three very good years, 56-58, and then seemed to be burnt out.

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