Quick Step wear short shorts?

Firstly I must say that I love the retro look of the 2010 Quick Step kit and I think black shorts are great but what about the length? Aren’t they shorter than in previous years? Not quite as scandalous as Sean Yates wore perhaps but certainly a revealing mid thigh look.


  1. Grumpy Bob said

    Ooh yes, a bit skimpy indeed. Personally I prefer the longer shorts style (spindly legs, you see), but they do seem to be going out of fashion, even for the likes of Assos. Perhaps the effect is accentuated by the photo being cropped at their knees?

    Incidentally the “possibly related posts” are interestingly unrelated!


  2. Well thats made my day !
    it’s about time shorts got shorter- it’s ok for you lot with your long legs but us small stumpy people get a bit fed up with short that cover our knees:-)

    Hoooooray for Quick step and their fashion statement !

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