Sean Kelly

Ronse 1988. greenjersey photo                                                                                                                                                         While waiting for the weather to warm up a bit this morning before venturing out on the bike I watched the Sean Kelly story video. There is no doubt that Yer Man is a cycling great although I wasn’t much of a fan myself. I thought he was overly cautious and as a sprinter he was a freezer. Great at winning bunch sprints in the Tour if there was a break but not much kop sprinting for the win.

I was, however, certain that he had his feet on the ground until Liggett asked him where he would place himself in cycling’s hall of fame. To my amazement Kelly responded that it was difficult to compare him with Merckx because he is from a different era!! No it isn’t you twat it is because like every other cyclist who has ever lived you are not fit to be compared with the great man.


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  1. Wislon said

    Greenjersey, please tell what are the minimum requirements that have to be achieved before you can at least start to be compared with big Ted?

    I do understand your implied point that until you have equalled or exceeded his palmares then a comparison is somewhat meaningless. Therefore any comparison can only place you in a league position behind Eddy.

    Finally, only by comparing a riders palmares to Eddy’s, can the true magnitude of his achievements be fully appreciated. I look forward to your retort.
    When I was a kid I would read boxing magazines that would, very, very rarely, describe a fighter as “nonpareil” being a person without equal. That describes Eddy perfectly. I think Kelly should have done exactly as you suggest, he should have said that excluding Merckx, who is beyond compare, it is difficult to say because great riders rode in different eras. Maybe he could have had a stab at it but as he bottled out I will have a go at the top dozen for the post war era. After Merckx come Hinault, then Coppi, Gimondi, Rik 2 and Rik 1, Roger de Vlaeminck, Lemond, Kelly, Anquetil and Museeuw and Eric Vanderaerden tied for twelth place.
    But to return to my original rant it really is incredible for Kelly to suggest only the fact that their careers did not coincide prevent him from being compared with Merckx. This from a man whose only grand tour is the Vuelta during the time when it was a fish and chipper in April; a man who never won a rainbow jersey and worst of all never won the Tour of Flanders.

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