Jesus Manzano; a profit without honour?

This is what ex-Kelme rider Jesus Manzano told L’Equipe in June 2007. Does this explain how somebody could be tested a zillion times and always come up clean? I should point out that Manzano was sacked by Kelme when he was found with a woman in his room on the 2003 Vuelta! This could influence his views about his former employers.

I want to give you an example, something I’ve never spoken about except to the police up until now. It concerns one of the four Spanish Laboratories credited by the UCI. This laboratory who is in charge of sending the “UCI” vampires (doctors)to take the samples during the Vuelta and other races is the same lab that’s in charge of the doctor visits to the cyclists, they follow the cyclists and give them the stamp of approval on their licenses. The owner of this clinic, a renowned hemotologist, called Walter Viru, who is one of the doctors for Kelme to alert them the day before the uci vampires were coming to take the samples from the cyclist. And he did the same thing with Del Moral, the doctor for the U.S. Postal team and then Discovery, a good friend of his.


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