Is Victoria’s crown slipping?

Victoria Pendleton has long been acknowledged to be the glamour girl of British cycling admittedly from a field with few starters. No longer it seems as this photo of Nikki Harris proves.


  1. Wislon said

    They both have a lot of ground to make up to get anywhere near Liz Hatch.

  2. oh my god !

    she a looker for sure ……. but who is Nikki Harris ?

    Anyway lets not judge any female cyclist by her looks. I mean it’s sexist or something, surely — god she’s hot that Nikki Harris, I mean, god what do I mean ………. Watch out there will be a back lash !

    What next Sir Chris Hoy in speedos on the front page of Cycling Weekly ?

  3. Liz Hatch in motion

    its better than this sort of action

  4. Green Jersey, Great to see a British Cycling team member with full Olympic Funding has obviously been putting in the miles and is on course for London 2012.

    Is that a silver plated 20 toothed cog that she is prettily modelling….I am sure that i have one in the garage if she fancies modelling around our way?

    Where did you acquire the pic from ?

    Like most things on greenjersey it was ripped off from another site. In fact I think it was from a glamorous cyclists calendar, and you wont believe this but Nikki Harris was far from the hottest!

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