More Spanish scandal.

Walter Viru, the Peruvian former Kelme team doctor during  Alejandro Valverde’s time with the team is at the centre of the latest doping scandal.  Sadly Javier Ochoa is also implicated.

Brothers Javier and Ricardo Ochoa were Kelme riders in February 2001 when they were hit by a motor vehicle while training near Malaga. Ricardo did not survive and  Javier was for months in a coma and was left with brain damage.  In 2004 he took part in the Paralympics.  Another 2004 Olympic athlete under suspicion is race walker Paquillo Fernandez who took the silver medal.   Perhaps the most famous cyclist touched by this affair is Jose Vicente Garcia Acosta, a luxury domestique of Alejandro Valverde at Caisse d’Epargne whose home has been searched but he has not been arrested or charged and it has not been suggested that any doping products were found.

The investigations of the Guardia Civil in to the illegal practices of the gang began in August when some people were caught in possession of EPO and growth hormone. The investigators were quickly on to Viru, a former assistant of Fuentes. He owns a diet clinic in Valencia . It was presumably convenient for his side line that his son is a pharmacist.


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  1. Intelligent said

    Who’s the moron that wrote that article? Fernandez is a top professional Athletics athlete who has earnt more money already than you’ll make in your lifetime you twit! Now it’s clear how he’s gotten ahead though!

    Firstly I must say that I love the modesty of your pen name. I don’t doubt that Fernandez is a world class athlete and I would be very surprised indeed if his earnings didn’t by far exceed mine. That said I remain surprised that there is much money to be earned in race walking even at the highest level, if only because they look such dopes waddling along.

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