Quick.Step to ride Eddy Merckx bikes

Eddy Merckx Cycles will supply Quick.Step with bikes for three years from 1st January it was announced at a press conference in Grand-Bigard.

Not the Great Man’s usual tipple!

“It happened so totally  unexpected,” said manager Patrick Lefevere . “We never had any problem with Specialized  but there were differences about vision. We decided to split two days ago and everything was then went very quickly … “

As Specialized have moved over to Astana it seems likely that they would have remained with Quick.Step had the team signed Contador as was widely rumoured. Clearly the US manufacturer sees a Tour de France win as worth far more than any number of wins in the Spring classics.

Lefevere was previously with Merckx when his Domo-Farm Frites team rode Eddy’s bikes in 2001-02.  The great former champion says he is proud and delighted:” It is a great honor to work with a team as prestigious as Quick.Step. My bikes are top quality, but cycling is not like Formula One.  It is the rider not the horse that makes the difference … ” said Eddy mixing his sports somewhat.


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